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Iblea Ragdoll

"Precious, elegant and dignified, full of charm in every position, aka" rag doll ", a kitten of noble status. This is a Ragdoll we raise them, we love them, we care for them."


My name is Luca and since 2015 I have been carrying on this crazy extraordinary adventure.

I raise my beautiful cats, taking care of them with

seriousness love, documenting myself on everything that concerns them: health, nutrition and
grooming. Over the years I have always tried to select in particular the

Nordic lines with big blue eyes, thick semi long hair looking especially
not to lose sight of the morphological and character aspects. My cats are like gods

children for me, I play a lot with them and I try to dedicate every free moment of mine to them
day, I will never stop thanking the breeders and friends who helped me to

start and continue this great dream.

Our Pedigrees are officially recognized on the national and global territory with the affix Enfi

If you have come this far you are in the right place to decide to adopt a Ragdoll

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